Neat Jane loves to utilise any of her teas in cooking or even better in cocktails. She has listed some of her favourites for you all to enjoy.

Fresh Mint and Basil Tea

Serve yourself a nice pot of fresh mint and basil tea.

English Breakfast Date Cake

The English Breakfast date cake is an afternoon delight.

Avocado and Chicken Club Sandwich

A sandwich to have during those lazy summer afternoons.

Cucumber Sandwich

Another delightful sandwich to have during high tea sojourns.

Sultana Cinnamon Tea Cake

The sultanas with the essence of Darjeeling tea will simply melt in your mouth.

Date & Tea Tart

This date and tea tart will simply wet your taste buds.

Green Tea Ribbon Cupcakes

What about these wonderful cupcakes with Bancha green tea for your afternoon treat.