Sencha Pyramid Tea Bag (Organic)


Packaging:  100 Pyramid Tea Bags in Satchel


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Country of Origin:  China

Region:  Hunan

Grade:  Sencha

Altitude:  450m to 1350m above sea level

Manufacture Type:  Steamed Sencha Green Tea

Cup Characteristics:  A  medium bodied Sencha that tends lightly vegetative with hints of pungency. Known to be high in polyphenols.

Infusion:  Cup tends bright forest green

Ingredients:  China green tea

Description:  By now, most people are somewhat familiar with the health benefits of drinking superior quality green teas like this Sencha. Recent newspaper and health journal articles have lauded tea’s high polyphenol levels, catechins and anti-oxidants and the numerous ways they help the body.

Recent scientific evidence appears to show green teas can even help fight certain cancers, strengthen bones and teeth and increase longevity.

Now, in the great universal warehouse of things that are good for you, there aren’t very many items that can claim to be as delicious as a freshly brewed cup of grassy green Sencha. Seriously, compare it to a spoonful of cod liver oil if you don’t believe us. Top quality Senchas like this offer a light richness that can’t be found in other teas.

Considered a good tea for everyday drinking, Sencha offers long notes of wheat, clover honey, sweet grass and subtle seaweed. The cup pairs exceptionally well with foods of all sorts, it makes an exceptional palate between courses and interestingly, makes a great companion to peanut butter sandwiches.



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