Earl Grey Pyramid Tea Bag (Organic)


Packaging:  100 Pyramid Tea Bags in Satchel

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Country of Origin:  Sri Lanka

Region(s):    Uva districts

Grade:  FP (Flowery Pekoe)

Altitude:  1200 – 2550 m above sea level

Manufacture Type:  Orthodox (Traditional leafy)

Cup Characteristics:  An English favourite. The tea leaves brew a coppery liquor with a pronounced bergamot aroma. The flavour is bold with excellent body and bright bergamot overtones that linger on the palate. The Prime Minister of England (1830  –  1834) would be proud – his signature tea has been revived.

Infusion:  Bright and coppery.

Ingredients:  Sri Lanka black tea, Bergamot flavouring

Description:  traditionally Earl Grey Tea was a blend of Chinese and Indian teas scented with the oil from the citrus bergamot fruit.

Earl Grey tea is enjoyed the world over by real people who appreciate its depth of character, sweet citrus notes, and palate cleansing finish. The tea is however also enjoyed by people who are not real in any way, other than on the printed page  or silver screen.   Perhaps  more  than  any  other  tea,  Earl  Grey  appears  to  have  been  the beverage  of  choice  for  one  fictitious character after the next.

From James Bond, to Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard, to Sir Leigh Teabing of the DaVinci code, Earl  Grey holds a special place in the world of storytelling. And why not? The tea itself has quite a story having apparently been given as a gift to a British diplomat by a Chinese Mandarin in thanks for saving his life.

Whether or not you believe that story, one fact that is definitely beyond reproach is that Earl Grey is a wonderful and soothing tea  any  time  of  the  day.   The  organic  variety we offer  here  is  no  exception.   This  tea  is  100%  natural,  no  chemicals  or pesticides were used in its production  –  what you see, smell, and taste  –  is what you get.



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