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A Wife Tail (Organic)


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Country of Origin:  Poland

Region:  Lublin

Grade:  1st grade

Altitude:  180 metres above sea level

Manufacture Type:  Field grown

Cup Characteristics:  Leaves carry a neutral flavor tending towards a grassy character. Caffeine free.

Infusion:  Pale grassy infusion.

Ingredients:  Raspberry leaves

Description:    Infusions made from the leaves of Raspberry bushes, (Latin: Rubus idaeus) have been consumed for millennia for reasons ranging from the soothing of throat infections to easing leg cramps. Botanical archaeology indicates that raspberries originated in what is now Central Europe – in fact, not far from Lublin, Poland where we have sourced our offering. From there it is believed that the plants were carried either in seed or seedling form, by ancient migrants across the world.

The hardy raspberry bush came to grow wild throughout the world. Archaeologists studying the ancient cultures took advantage of the plant’s abundance and regularly consuming it during pregnancy. They believed that drinking raspberry leaf tea helped to ease discomfort during childbirth.

Recent science indicates that there may be some truth to the ancients’ claim since raspberry leaves contain fragrine, an alkaloid that helps tone the pelvis and uterus. Raspberry leaf also contains high quantities of Vitamins A, B Complex, C, and E, as well as many essential minerals, and high levels of tannin.

In order to ensure the high vitamin and mineral content, our suppliers harvest the leaves of the raspberry plant in summer before the berries ripen and flavonoid levels are high. The leaves are then dried and processed in a method similar to that of regular tea. Comparisons can also be drawn between the he robust, full bodied flavor of raspberry leaf tea, and that of traditional black tea. Brew a pot today and see why raspberry leaf makes an excellent caffeine free alternative to the morning cuppa! Alternatively, our raspberry leaf can be used as a decorative flourish to blended teas.

Hot Brewing Method:    Use 1 heaping teaspoon of raspberry leaf per one cup of water and place this into your teapot (many successfully use a tea infuser when making herb tea). Pour boiling water into pot and let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain as you pour into your cup and savour one of nature’s best offerings!

Cold Brewing Method:  Do Not Pour Hot Liquid directly into a Glass Pitcher.  Put 6 teaspoons raspberry leaves into a 5-6 cup tea pot. Pour boiling water into the pot and let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Strain and pour gently into your pitcher. If you wish, you can add ice into the pitcher or pour over ice into a tall glass. For a terrific taste add some honey, cinnamon and fresh raspberries.


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