Rhubarb & Rose Tea Pies


Print Recipe Rhubarb & Rose Tea Pies Prep Time 45 Minutes + Freezing Cook Time 1.25 Hours Servings People Ingredients Main Ingredients 2 Cups plain flour3/4 Cup Almond Meal1/4 Cup Custard Powder1/4 Cup caster sugar1 tsp Baking Powder1/2 tsp Sea Salt250 g Unsalted Butter1 egg2 tbsp chilled water Roasted Rhubarb 2 Bunches Rhubarb Chopped1/2 Cup caster sugar Prep Time 45 …

Green Tea Ribbon Cupcakes Neat Janes Tea Recipe

Green Tea Ribbon Cup Cakes


What about these wonderful cupcakes with Bancha green tea for your afternoon treat.

Sultana Cinnamon Tea Cake Neat Janes Tea Recipe

Sultana Cinnamon Tea Cake


The sultanas with Darjeeling scents will simply melt in your mouth.